Sunday, December 10, 2023

Galactic Fuckery & Space Junk

Talk about a time compression going on, everything has increased in intensity as we supposedly hurtle through the galactic a magnet drawing out iron filings so too is the light of the universe drawing out all that was hidden - all that remains in the dark.

Collectively the family unit has experienced one burn out, six months without income, three depressions, one shoplifting of chocolate bar and confrontation with Mr. attitude person in blue, and subsequent reporting to Child Protection, 13% attendance at school, one damage to property (warning), five beatings, one knife threat, one choking, two anaphylactic shocks, one suicide watch, one/two/three break-ups....

Hey folks out there in the ether... welcome to old blogger revisited.
The above a draft abandoned back in 2013... what a shocker and yet a mere prelude.
Here we are a decade later... time compression confirmed!
Boy, have we seen some shit...I got me some tales to tell; of further forays into the dark with nothing more than a dodgy headlamp and some busted up shins.
I've taken to writing bad poetry to cope, and maybe shall serve some up... with additional imagery to make them more palatable... 

Says she who speaks into the virtual void just for the hell of it; like anyone is going to see this or give a shit. Bless you if you happen across this piece of space junk.

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